I Can’t Get Through to My iPhone – What to Do?

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Does it often happen that your iPhone cannot be reached? This problem can be either software or hardware. How to determine the cause of the problem and fix it are described in this guide.

Activate the “Show number” function.

The first thing you should do, in case your iPhone often can not be reached – turn on the function “Show number”. You can do this in the menu “Settings” → “Phone” → “Show number”.
Note that sometimes this function is sometimes arbitrarily turned off on some iPhones. Because of this, the problem with the inaccessibility of the smartphone in the cellular network occurs again. A temporary solution is to monitor the status of the “Show Number” function. It usually turns off after rebooting or shutting down the iPhone, but feedback on our forum suggests that it can also deactivate during quite normal use of the device.

Reinstall the SIM card

A permanent solution to the problem of disabling the “Show Number” feature, and at the same time, the availability of your iPhone in the network is to remove and reinstall the SIM card. Note that this is only one possible solution to the problem.

Change the SIM card to a new one

If reinstalling the SIM card did not help, you should replace it with a new one. The fact is that over time, the SIM card on the iPhone, just as well as on other smartphones, can begin to malfunction. This is often the reason for most of the communication problems with the iPhone.

Reset the network settings

In case the problem still persists, try resetting the network settings. To do this, go to “Settings” → “Basic” → “Reset” and click “Reset network settings”.

Install the current version of iOS

Also, one of the causes of connectivity problems can be outdated or problematic software. Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS via iTunes or “Settings” → “Main” → “Software Update”.

Reflash your iPhone

Another way to solve the problem is to reflash the iPhone and then set it up as a new device. This means that after installing iOS, you should not restore the iPhone from a backup, but specify the smartphone setup from scratch. We explained in detail how to perform a iPhone reflash via iTunes in these instructions.
If after reflashing your iPhone as a new device the connectivity problem is gone, you can safely restore it from your iTunes or iCloud backup.

Contact a service center

If the above methods did not help to cope with the problem, then, most likely, it has something to do with the hardware. In other words, you need to contact the service center to get your iPhone working again.

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