Phone Tracking: Methods and Tools

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Phone tracking: methods and tools


  • – Types of Phone Surveillance
  • – Android apps for phone tracking
  • – TrackView
  • – Geotracker
  • Phone Number Tracking
  • – Phone Tracking with IOS and Android Tools
  • – Surveillance with Viber and WatsApp
  • – Conclusion

Recently, the topic of phone tracking is becoming more and more relevant. The life of children is becoming not safe, cheating in marriage has become more frequent, thefts in homes and apartments are more common. All of this can be prevented in some cases, if you install surveillance. We will describe several ways to track your wife, child or your own home.

Varieties of Surveillance via the phone

There are two ways to track a person: legally and illegally. Keep in mind that any collection of information about a person without their consent is an illegal action. Unlawful intervention in a person’s private life risks various penalties in conformity with the legislation of the state.

It is legally allowed to follow a man if you have secured his permission or if he provides personal personal data, such as his position. Such tracking is not contrary to the legal regulations.
Surveillance gives information about a person, which is contained in his or her smartphone.

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The following data can be seized:

– Photographs from the camera
– Dictaphone recordings
– List of incoming/outgoing calls
– SMS messages
– Location
– Email messages

Android Phone Tracking Apps

The Android platform provides a number of apps in abundance that help you track another device. They are easy to install, work in the background, and are efficient to use.


One of the best phone tracking apps out there. It allows you to build a whole spy kit for watching. With its help, you will be allowed to view the other smartphone’s camera image, listen to the sound and track the location.

To start using the program, you need to download it from Play Market or AppStore and install it on your smartphone, tablet or TV set-top box (if it has a camera). Also, the same Google account must be active on the device. Make sure all devices have Wi-Fi or mobile data on at all times.

Let’s get started:

  • – Turn on the app and sign in on all devices.
  • – Add all the gadgets we want to track to the system.
  • – Select the device tracking option.

Important: The gadgets management menu will display a panel with three tracking options to choose from.
The camera gives you the option to turn on the live image. There is also a function to switch to the front camera and record video. Switching to the microphone will help to send a voice message.

Turning on geolocation displays the current location of the phone. Google Map is activated via the Internet connection or via the GPS module. The function works in the background. A beep creates a call on the tracked phone. 

The PLAY button on the top menu of the program displays the recorded files. An icon with an exclamation mark serves to filter messages. Some devices can be temporarily disabled. The gear icon adjusts the motion detector function.


The application helps you keep track of another device through a phone number or IMEI. The tracking is done through your smartphone or browser on your computer. The program runs on a timer, so it does not use battery power, which is a big advantage.

Tracking by phone number

For GPS tracking, all you need to do is enter your phone number.

The app has several important features:

– Infinite number of users
– Free use
– Location History
– All mobile carriers support
– Quick notifications of the subject’s arrival location
– Charge level of the device being tracked
– Data protection and privacy

In addition to the above-mentioned apps, there are many programs in Play Market that have similar functionality and are designed to track other devices. Many apps disappear over time, but there is always a worthy replacement in the Google store. Go to Play Market at any time and you will always find a convenient service for spying.

Tracking your phone with IOS and Android tools

You can track another subscriber without installing additional equipment. Built-in functionality in the form of Google Maps will help you in this. Google Maps has a “Show where I am” feature. Tracking your child, husband or wife in this way is possible if both gadgets have email access and contact information.

Surveillance using Viber and WatsApp

These two popular messengers have the function of identifying a person. In Viber, it is possible to exchange data with the interlocutor or a group of interlocutors. The user’s location cannot be determined without their knowledge. Only the subscriber provides his location data.

To use the function, you need to perform a couple of simple steps. There is an arrow icon in the dialog box. It is near the button to send the message. Click on the arrow, and the same should do the interlocutor. Only then we will get the geo-position of the caller.

WatsApp has the same requirements for obtaining data as when using Viber.

To locate the caller, you need to do the following:

  • – Turn on your smartphone settings
  • – Find Apps.
  • – Select WatsApp
  • – In the app, find “Permissions
  • – Allow to locate
  • – In the messenger, click on the paper clip icon
  • – Send geolocation to your conversation partner by selecting an address from the list


There are many different situations in life when you have elderly parents, or young children, or disabled children who need to be monitored. In such cases, it is possible to set up legal surveillance for safety purposes. There are many useful and convenient services for this. They will also help protect your home or car from theft.
But, it is worth remembering that spying on your wife, husband, friend or other people without their consent is an offence. It may cause administrative and criminal liability, as well as the fact of surveillance can be used against you in court. So be careful and cautious.

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